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MOST Companies Get it Wrong.

The majority of B2B technology firms fail to properly position, communicate, sell, or market their products & services to their ideal target. Many firms lack the expertise or insights to properly package, productize or articulate their value proposition and differentiators at scale to the relevant audience. 

Top Pitfalls Include:

  1. Confusing value proposition
  2.  Selling technology & features instead of value and outcome
  3. Poor market fit or pricing model
  4. Unclear buyer personas & messaging
  5. Inconsistent sales process, target audience or pitch
  6. Sales methodologies that don’t close sales
  7. Incomplete or one-dimensional sales & marketing plan
  8. Lack of key industry relationships
These issues are just a few of the root causes as to why technology firms struggle to scale. 

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Expertise Areas

Go-to-Market, Marketing, Media & Messaging Strategy

Sales Process, Pipeline Management & Demand Gen

CX, AI, Emerging Technology & The Future of Work

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Monthly Executive Chats
120 k
200 +
Companies Helped

About Me...

I run multiple professional associations & media companies with over 130k members worldwide, where I’m fortunate to be able to glean insights from dozens of monthly discussions with senior executives across the globe to help you grow & scale your organization effectively.

I’ve been able to help hundreds of companies over 20+ years, from SMBs and start-ups to the Fortune 500, on a variety of topics including brand positioning, product & service design; go-to-market, marketing & sales strategies; messaging and media plans; demand generation, sales process & pipeline management; personal & professional growth;  as well as trending technology topics like AI, Automation, Future of Work & Customer Experience.

Dan Goodstein

Years of

Services I Provide For My Clients

Marketing Health Check
& Roadmap

Assess your current go-to-market strategy or marketing efforts, get an industry benchmark & art of the possible session to uncover opportunities and develop an ongoing Roadmap

Peer-to-Peer Groups

Join peer-to-peer networking groups, office hours & Masterminds

Sales Health Check & Roadmap

Assess your current sales strategy, process, pitch or pipeline, get an industry benchmark & art of the possible session to uncover opportunities and develop an ongoing Roadmap

Coaching Sessions

Weekly or bi-weekly 1-on-1 sessions to guide you on a variety of topics

AI, CX or Automation Program Assessment

Assess your current current automation, AI or CX program, get industry benchmark & art of the possible session to uncover opportunities and develop an ongoing Roadmap

Fractional Hire

Hire Dan on a fractional basis
as a CXO or senior advisor


Potential Assessment & Coaching Areas Include:

  1. Go-to-Market Strategy/Market Fit
  2. Productization, Pricing & Positioning Strategy
  3. Messaging & Differentiation
  4. Content, Media & Thought Leadership Plans
  5. Sales Strategy
  6. Sales Pitch, Process or Pipeline Review
  7. Lead Generation & Business Development
  8. Analyst/Advisor & Industry Relations Program
  9. Partner Acquisition & Partnering Models

Getting Started is Easy...

User Reviews

We estimated that Dan & team drove over 200 qualified clients to our various activities. Buyers appreciated that the sessions dove into real issues with proven experts with practical insights. Meanwhile, our messages were well received and audience members wanted to know more, and would welcome follow up. We expanded contracts and aligned with new clients.
Lary Anderson
Xerox, VP Marketing
Dan and team absolutely killed it. They just generated 30 meetings for our Healthcare group in the past 3 months was so good, we had to fire them so our sales team could catch up! But our plan is to now bring them into multiple business units to replicate this effort across various product lines.
Jim Francis
MId-size Tech Firm, CMO
Dan possesses a deep knowledge of technology space sales & marketing, as well as AI and the future of work, backed by his many years of leadership in these industries and his success in building a global network of the top experts. I appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with him in thought leadership on the most cutting edge and relevant topics in AI and automation, and how to strategically implement and scale them. I highly recommend him as a coach and partner.
Krista Sande-Kerback
IBM, Global Product Marketing
We approached Dan to help us penetrate a marketplace that was key to our growth for one of our new products. Our ongoing efforts were integral to us generating awareness of the product, important conversations and relationships with industry leaders and potential customers and resulted in significant lead flow and key new accounts of our business unit.
Jim McDonnell
Cisco, Platforms General Manager
Getting Started is Easy...
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Scaling a Tech Business is HARD.

The smartest entrepreneurs and business leaders struggle with scalable growth. 

You need to get your technology & services just right. Then your marketing message, then your sales pitch, then your products, then your team, your sales & marketing strategies, campaigns, management and operations. 

Most of these businesses fail because they neglect to focus on the right areas and bring in the right people in order to help them get on the right path quickly enough.  And let’s face it, most tech leaders don’t have the go-to-market experience, bandwidth or industry insights to effectively go it alone. 

Nor should you.  Accelerate your path to success by leveraging years of tech industry sales & marketing experience, insights from our global network of 130k+ executives and what’s worked for others in your shoes. 

Schedule your triage call and let’s get started identifying the next steps to help you scale effectively. Simply click below to schedule a 20-minute intro call.

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